Three Identical Strangers – Film Review

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Three Identical Strangers – Film Review

This documentary tells the story of three brothers who found themselves years later in the late teens as identical triplets. Though that story in of itself would be considered a great final act in a film, it is only the beginning of a bigger picture to this great story. The story behind why they got separated is such a mind boggling experience that not only shows the cruelty and the darkness of medical history but also the lengths people would go just to prove a point that can destroy people’s lives.

The things I appreciated in this documentary was the way the story was told. There were a lot of reenactments that showed visually than just through an interview explain details of events. The story itself never felt too made for tv and unworthy of the big screen. Though this film wouldn’t lose anything by being watched on a streaming platform when it becomes available. I would highly recommend.

Eddie!.. Eddie how are you?… Whose Eddie?

To keep away from spoilers, I will say the film showcases how the three brothers got separated and the Orphanage where they were left and adopted from as babies. The Doctors were conducting a certain experiment on the 3 of them without their knowledge or their adoptive parents knowledge. Human nature to learn more about nature and nurture needs to have limits. What happened to these three boys is unethical and wrong. I hope people take away the fact that these boys went through hell in order to grow as men.

My only negatives I had with the film is that I wish the overall pay off towards the end would have been hinted at earlier. Towards the middle of the first act it felt like a quicker story than it appeared to be, but that wasn’t the case. I am looking forward to seeing how the studio decides to make this film as another story with actors than a documentary.


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