Hi there! I am designer who values communication, key to the success of any creative project. I want to get your point across. I value collaboration and teamwork, not just between creative designers but with all other colleagues as well. A spark of an idea from a conversation or even a white board drawing can come to life if we work together and share our ideas. As the world of design changes and becomes more collaborative, so do we. Working together makes things happen.

During the course of my education at George Mason University, studying Graphic Design for a BFA degree in Art & Visual Technology, I became highly involved in the university community. I valued the experience of getting to know students, staff, and faculty throughout the school at every level, and in a wide variety of fields. I was able to learn new things from them and better my understanding of project creation, collaboration, and delivering strong client service.

Through the course of my education, I developed strong visual skills in Advertising, Layout Design, Data Visualization and WordPress. I like design to stay neat and simple, without clutter. Keeping it on a clean grid with strong typography can send the strongest message. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite programs including: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. I also have some knowledge in utilizing Lightroom and Bridge for photo editing and organizing. I am also knowledgeable in in HTML & CSS in basic code and styling, as well as WordPress and some Javascript.

Clients I’ve worked with